Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Mike Wazowski of Monsters Inc.


Mike is one of the lead characters in another Pixar animation, Monsters, Inc.

As Wikipedia puts it, the story takes place in Monstropolis, a city populated entirely by monsters. Monstropolis is not part of the human world, but it can be connected to children's bedrooms through their closet doors. When a door is properly activated, it becomes a portal between the monster world and the human world. The city's power supply is provided by Monsters, Inc., a utility company that employs monsters to scare children and extract energy from their screams. The company has a huge warehouse full of doors, work areas called "scare floors" where the doors are activated, and a special training room in which employees practice their scare skills. The company's best scarer is James "Sulley" Sullivan, whose assistant is his best friend, Michael "Mike" Wazowski.

Mike plays a very supportive, frank, energetic, funny and practical best friend and assistant of Sully. There is never a part in the movie where he feels inferior of Sully's status. He is one optimistic one-eyed monster. ^^,

Like this one: The tandem luckily become part of their company's new TV commercial. Who is jumping out of excitement and thrill? None other than Mike. Sully is already having much publicity and fame because of his "Best Scarer" status. Sully is one humble monster. He doesn't put his popularity in his head. As for Mike, it's understandable why he is so freaking thrilled about this. He isn't that famous. As the green monster excitedly awaits his TV appearance, the TV flashes this:

Who wouldn't be disappointed when your face gets covered by a company logo in your first ever TV appearance?!

....It's Mike Wazowski! I feel bad for him like Sully (look at Sully's face) because Mike seems about to cry after seeing the commercial when suddenly he starts jumping and hurraying and exclaiming, "I'm on TV!!!"

Next, after all the adventures of saving the company and the very cute toddler Boo, "scarers" become "laughers" as they shifted from collecting screams to collecting laughters which more effectively generate the whole Monstropolis and much better let children sleep at night. Popularity comes next and the tandem get the chance of being a magazine cover this time. Celia Mae, Mike's lover and the company's receptionist, calls his attention about the magazine and then he sees this:

Who wouldn't be disappointed when your face gets covered by a bar code in your first ever magazine cover?! Yeah, he is the one...

Celia Mae and I have the same reaction -- feeling sorry and supportive for Mike. But do we have to? Mike doesn't care about any damn bar code. All he has to say is, "I can't believe it. I am in the cover of a magazine!!!!!!!"

Sully is a warm-hearted monster. Boo is such an adorable kid. But Mike is my favorite among them. Talk about optimism....from a one-eyed monster. ^^,

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