Monday, September 27, 2010

Ginormous List: 100+ Things

If it is not because of Karen of Chookooloonks, I wouldn't have been blogging about this.

I had second thoughts on writing down another to-do list. You see, there was this time when a dear friend and I decided to write down our plans for the next five years. That was on November of 2005. One more month and then comes our deadline. As it is turning out, only one of the things I wrote down is coming to reality. I can't help it but envy that friend of mine who is having a hell of fun in her job abroad. I felt like I couldn't bear setting a goal and eventually failing again in the end.

But I find myself doing it one more time. Karen helps me shake off my pessimistically inclined thoughts and is like a pat on my shoulder saying, "Give it a go." as I read and reread her advice on creating one's own life list.

It is not about always having big plans. Simple dreams are welcome such as having to taste blueberry yogurt. Satisfaction counts more than success.

Goal-setting is about adding moments of joy rather than adding moments of guilt.

It is more about recognizing and seizing opportunities and not about completing everything in the list.

Damn it!!! It is about having fun as one is going through life.

Hence, this list.

Not to mention, this is a challenging, inspiring and truly worthwhile
centurial post! HURRAY!
  1. have a shot of myself that looks something like this
  2. go hiking
  3. climb a mountain in Korea (or visit Cheju Island)
  4. play 50 hymns on bell lyre
  5. help Aissa compose an English sentence
  6. watch a 3-D film
  7. watch a 3-D film with my family
  8. be an audience in one of Lea Salonga's musicals
  9. bungee jump
  10. sky line
  11. have our house remodeled
  12. join a fun run
  13. be an audience in a TV show
  14. teach in a formal school for at least a year
  15. read (and understand) a Korean article
  16. food trip in Van Gogh is Bipolar
  17. make my own leche flan
  18. have blueberry yogurt
  19. enjoy a relaxing spa with my eldest sister
  20. go to Disneyland
  21. feed and run after a flock of birds at a park (and take a picture of it)
  22. take a hot air balloon ride
  23. grow something (flower, veggies, herbs, etc.) from a seed
  24. go railbiking
  25. learn how to bike (so I can also do #24)
  26. fly a kite
  27. play a Yiruma piece
  28. construct my own wooden furniture
  29. explore Sagada
  30. tour Camiguin
  31. visit Batanes
  32. have my teeth done
  33. out of town with my family (aside from Cavite which is our hometown)
  34. lead a bible study outside the church
  35. compose and illustrate my own children's book
  36. get married?
  37. have a bedroom makeover
  38. have a personal interview with someone about EDSA Revolution
  39. wear hanbok
  40. play go cart
  41. try zipline
  42. bathe in a sauna
  43. have a studio pictorial with my family
  44. actually see the One Day Poem Pavilion by Jiyeon Song
  45. master some complicated origamis
  46. meet Kevjumba in person!
  47. meet some of the Youtubers I like and subscribed to
  48. watch a live circus performance
  49. jump and jump and jump on a trampoline
  50. meet Ha Ji Won in person
  51. watch a Korean drama on the big screen
  52. watch Jang Kiha and the Faces' concert live!
  53. go to Lotte World
  54. ride T Express, a wooden roller coaster in Everland
  55. hop to a double-decker bus
  56. go swinging on a trapeze
  57. flatten my abs; tone my arms and thighs :P
  58. join a book club
  59. do boxing
  60. watch Bigbang's concert
  61. eye-to-eye with T.O.P!!!!!!
  62. go bunjee jumping with this guy :D
  63. prepare orange jello
  64. have a tour around Google's office 

Oooops. Obviously there aren't 100 things here. YET.

Coming up with 100 items shouldn't necessarily be done in one sitting. I just have to make a goal of coming up with 100 and there is no need to beat myself up if it doesn't happen right away -- also one of the Chookooloonks advice. That said, this post will be updated from time to time and you are very much welcome to go back and check it out. ^^,

As how Karen ended her post:

So! There you have it: all you need to go write your own life list. So go on -- grab a cup of your favourite beverage, a piece of paper (or notebook or journal or, hell, your blog), and get started.
Go inspire yourself.

LIFE, HERE I AM AND HERE I COME! Heaven knows what, how and when I'll be scratching things off this life list. Note to self:
It is about having fun as one is going through life!!!!!!!!

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wingcharm said...

Nice list. We can do 6 and 13 if you want :)