Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Finding My Niches

CLUTTERED (adjective):

messy, disorderly, jumbled
NICHE (noun): a situation or
activity specially suited to a
person's interests, abilities,
or nature


What makes a room sloppy? It may be cluttered because the person using it is simply untidy. Or, maybe, that person is just doing a total room makeover.

What makes thoughts cluttered? It can be paranoia. It can also be like someone is just finding his way out of a labyrinth.

Getting rid of clutter becomes easier when one knows which stuff should be kept, changed or given up.

Getting rid of unnecessary thoughts becomes easier when one knows how to express them.

I'd better dismount my clutter now. Jotting down rapid thoughts or coming up with quite an article will definitely lead me to my niche. Idling nor too much contemplating doesn't make my mind a good workshop.

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