Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Kite Runner: An Apercu

Intrigued by a colleague's remark, I wondered what this book contains:

the book that made me cry, the writer who moved my nerves into a different dimension that traces the lines of inner emotions which fills the gap of evolution and bridges the gap of reality and most likely tearing apart the pieces of humanity from its solid identity..take time to read if you have time - TeaSea

The Kite Runner. Reading its pages and now reaching its tenth chapter, I can say that this literary work really "pulls every string in your heart to make it sing" (as commented by THE TIMES).

Innocence of childhood, different ethnicities, building and shattering friendship, betrayal, scandal, history and a mixture of Philia, Storge and Eros kinds of love -- these are what Khaled Hosseini's book has unfolded me so far.

I can't wait and imagine how this incredibly touching novel would end. What shall I discover as I unravel this written masterpiece?

(Book review to follow.)

Till then. ^^,


issa said...

Yepey!! March post and an upcoming review..

Can't wait..

Keep it up, Kate! :)

~KATE~ said...

haha! thanks a bunch, issa!