Wednesday, January 20, 2010

An Audience

I can give a seat to a stranger.
I can give a smile or a nod to an acquaintance.
I can share common interests with friends.
I can share knowledge with my students.
I can share with the vision of the church.
I can share dreams with my family.

But, in this thing called blogging, what can I share?
I feel understood when someone intently listens.
I find blogging more fun and meaningful when someone, even just one, reads it.
What if there would be none?

Ups and lows, twists and turns, burdens and accomplishments I share with diverse people playing various roles in my life. But the things better left unsaid I share to God.

I have already written a few blogs on other sites and now I am finally writing another one on a Blogger site of my own. I intend to let Blogger be my official blog site. Sigh. But, what should I share?! There are so many things running in my mind that I become hesitant to express or let go of them.
Compliments and disapproval both stop me from opening up.

Thanks for reminding me. You are an Audience since the beginning of time. An Audience and a Director at the same time actually. You listen. You direct. Proven and tested. Be my Audience. Be my Director. And, let me be your humble writer. Thanks for reminding me.

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