Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Phone English Challenges

Han, one of my Phone English students, just asked me what difficulties I experience at work. Here are what I told him:

1) It's hard to teach when I am sick. Imagine a teacher reading a dialog, correcting sentences or doing phonics and sneezing a hundred times (in mute mode) in between.

2) It's hard to teach when I am tired. You can't complain if you have 12 marathon classes (10 or 20 min/class) or less.

3) Technical problems sometimes drive me nuts. A technical problem is under control when backup file is available. But, slow internet connection makes me exhausted despite the less number of students.

3) It's harder to teach a smart but inattentive student than a beginner but attentive one. As a teacher, it is my pleasure to guide a willing mind.

Of course, each job has its own challenges. I'll post the reasons why I love my job next time. Wait for it! ^^

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