Monday, October 25, 2010

Loving Rain Pouring Down

Please come again another day.

Cluelessly exiting the mall where I had my dinner break, I was welcomed by the whooshing wind and clattering rain. Clad in shorts, a thin blouse and a too old jacket (I almost forgot, a pair of sneakers too!), I stood there for a few minutes thinking whether to battle the weather or not. It was raining cats and dogs. Having only a spare of seven minutes that time, I ran.

My newly-bought cute umbrella should have been once more put to good use if I brought it with me when I left the office. But there was it - neatly folded and so dry.

Which was fun! Yes, fun! Fun? Fun! Because I am a rain person. Running under the rain felt so ME. I was happy. I was smiling despite getting wet and knowing that I still have four hours of work to do. Rain always makes me feel a lot better.

Do you know those movie scenes? Just look at this one:

(FYI: The movie clip is from the film "The Classic". I recommend this. I find the twist at the end unique and captivating.)

I felt like this. Just minus the guy. Carefree. Simply happy.


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