Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Someone is seemingly indifferent to or unaffected by joy, grief, pleasure, or pain.

Are you stoic? Am I stoic? I guess. Haha! Talk about pessimism, melancholy and drama. Give vent to one's emotions. Or else...

...or else one will turn stoic. If not, eruptive and destructive.

A stoic person may not have any idea how to unburden himself of a strong pent-up emotion. Hence, the attitude. Maybe that person just wanted someone who attentively listens and genuinely cares and wisely counsels without judgment, accusations, indifference, disregard or belittlement. That person is perhaps so fearful of what and how to unburden worrying about things that aren't yet happening, that is, rejection, blame, mockery. He just wants to be understood and being misunderstood can be his worst fear. Expressing himself, including both positive and negative things, is a struggle. This person must have gathered all his strength and faced his fears in the past to somehow reach out but just had received a cold, offensive, hurtful response. Consequently, he unknowingly cowered himself in a shell of his own. And now that shell is so hard to break, to enter, to reach, to penetrate. He needs his façade.

He intended to help but ends up hurting the people he loves. He intended to change but ends up disliking himself more. He intended to love but ends up being apathetically stoic.

Stoic. Indifferent. Unaffected.

Is he a coward? Nope. Confused.
Is he unloved? Nope. Misunderstood.
Does he still have hope? Of course. If he chooses to.

His hurt maybe so small compared to yours. But it is not the size that matters. He is extremely hurt as he feels it. Your careless expressions, even your happiness, is rubbing salt into an open wound.

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Anonymous said...

hi..kate.. immunity to misfortune isn't a bad trait.. I once said I am stoic..

Stay brave.. & beautiful.