Wednesday, June 15, 2011

First John Grisham Experience -- The Appeal


I'm grateful of having met bookworms in the office.

A colleague is almost always holding a book every time I see him -- in the operations area, elevator and even in the FX on the way to the office. So I approached him one day and asked what he was reading. I don't remember exactly what it was but that conversation led him to lend me one of his books.

Having said that any book would be okay, I didn't have any idea about the book I was about to borrow until he brought it to me and said,"You might not like it."

"Nah. Don't say that. Let me read it." I replied.

He was right. Well, at first. I honestly was just dragging myself as I read the first quarter of the book. It was my first time to read such law-related literary work and another colleague's comment didn't help neither. "You're reading John Grisham's book?! Gosh! I never read John Grisham's. His books are just so..... much into law." I knew what she was talking about right at that moment.

The story is divided into three stages: The Appeal, The Campaign and The Opinion. I found the first part quite like a dull narrative. And then it slowly caught my full attention when I reached the second part. Afterwards, it made me curious and stirred up until the end.

It took me more than a month to reach the final chapter and the final sentence of John Grisham's novel, The Appeal. It may be unimpressive to me at first but this made me challenge myself to be open to a much different literary genre. Its no-happy-ending story made the antagonist savor his victory while leaving the protagonists defeated. Grisham gave me a glimpse of how politics has always been a dirty game and how possibly the Supreme Court justice can be as dirty. A profound reality check?

In the long run, I think John Grisham's novels are worth the read despite some ambiguities on political terms.

Josh Grisham accompanies me
as I'm having my foot spa.


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Aww! bookworm ka na talaga, Kate!
Oi..sinong officemate yan?

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