Saturday, May 14, 2011

Harmony (2010 Korean Movie): An Apercu

Another tearjerker. One of the best musical films I've seen. This film is added to my list of Korean movie favorites next to A Moment to Remember. I was surprised to find myself almost crying at the first few parts of the movie.

Now I know what my Korean student was talking about. Since schools and offices were closed plus she wanted to avoid the crowded places outside, this student of mine recommended the movie to her family during a holiday (Buddha's birthday) last week. Captivated by the touching story, she asked her family to watch the film too for she knew that they would also love it. Well, despite already knowing the scenes, ending or the whole story and all, she still found herself crying while watching the movie.

I got intrigued at the time my student was telling me about it. So I checked for movie posters on the internet and saw that one of the main casts was Kim Yunjin (from Lost) and that made me more curious.

Then as I was strolling through YouTube last night, I remembered to check its trailer. Man, I have never almost cried from just watching a trailer before!

Country: South Korea
Production Company: JK Film
Genre: Drama/ Musical
Director: Kang Dae Kyu
Starring: Kim Yun Jin, Na Moon Hee, Kang Hye Won, Jang Yeong Nam, Lee Da Hee, Jeong Su Yeong, Park Jun Myeon, Cha Jin Hyeok, Kim Jae Hwa, Ji Seong Won
Length: 115 mins
Date of release: 28th January, 2010

Shooting the film in an actual women's penitentiary, the globally-recognized actress Kim Yun-jin (Lost) leads an all-star veteran casts in Harmony, the most heartwarming film that will arouse your emotions. Jeong-hye (Kim Yun-jin) is sent to prison after killing her abusive husband. Then she gives birth to a child in jail who she must give up for adoption after 18 months. In order to let her child see the outside world, she resolves to organize a choir in exchange for a special day out with her son. Despite each prisoner has their own dark past, the choir unites together to sing the greatest harmony to express their love to their families.

A MUST-SEE MOVIE! Watch it while you can! Here's also its music video:



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