Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Stoic, Apathetic, Alive

Weird. I used to resent my parents. That's maybe because of so many suppressed emotions. I just now wonder if being the "good daughter" is indeed good or not.

You know what's so damn difficult with being stoic? It's the process of going back to life. This I have proven a fact: it's a lot better to hate than to be apathetic.

How I wish my Mama and Papa were still alive. At least I could express my confusion, frustration and even hatred towards them. Hurtful, yes. But in the end there would be forgiveness and most importantly....LOVE. Beneficial, yes.

So what should I do now? They are gone. I wish I could have loved them back more.


I figured out that I should have spent more time talking with my Papa. He was a good listener.

I figured out that I should have tried more ways to cheer up my Mama. She needed uplifting.


Then, God made me realize that Kuya Wilson, my brother-in-law, is a good listener.

And Ate Ria and Aissa, my dear sisters, need uplifting.

CHOICES and CHANCES -- two of God's awesome gifts indeed. Aja!

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