Saturday, February 15, 2014


My team leader approached me and then informed me one Thursday afternoon that I was chosen and other nine ESL teachers to have our profiles posted on the company's website. He then emailed me a list of questions needed for the profiling. To be chosen among over a hundred employees was such a privilege. Some questions I answered in a snap, but some I pondered upon awhile.

Here it is:

1.   Tell something about yourself.
I am introverted, but my close friends see me as an extrovert person. I am fond of animations, books, drawing, writing and taking photos. I hate worms. I prefer pastel colors. If I were not a teacher, I would be a children's book author and/or illustrator.

2.   What is your major? (Course)
I graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Secondary Education Major in Mathematics.

3.   Where did you graduate? (University)
I graduated from Philippine Normal University.

4.   What was your previous job? (Career)
I performed various tasks in my previous company which include: 1) working as an ESL teacher in an academy to various students of different nationalities, i.e., Koreans, a Japanese and a Mongolian, 2) providing English proficiency online trainings to engineers residing in Northern Luzon, 3) working as a project assistant in COFILCO Coffee Table Book Project and 4) working as a referral partner to a call center company.

5.   How long have been teaching English?
I have been teaching English for over seven years.

6.   Why do you like teaching?
Teaching is one of those things wherein I find joy, transformation and purpose.

7.   What kind of teacher are you?
I see myself as detail-oriented and results-driven.

8.   What are your plans and goals for your students?
For beginners, I consider them to at least learn how to ask and answer questions in simple English sentences. For students in intermediate and advanced levels, developing two-way communication is what I deem necessary.

9.   How will you accomplish them?
Repetition of various related drills is suitable, especially for beginners. Art of questioning helps students of varied levels give appropriate or desired responses. Establishing routine and rapport encourages harmony.

10. What do you like about Korean students?
The amount of time almost all Korean students spend in their studies is beyond compare.

11. How do you find Korean culture?
The varied beauty of Korean culture is something that sparks my curiosity and holds my attention up to the point wherein I look forward to travel to Korea to experience the Korean lifestyle in a more personal way.

12. Why do you like teaching Koreans?
Students come and go with their own personalities, struggles and accomplishments. Regardless of his or her nationality, I appreciate a student who is willing to accept corrections, is attentive to every detail of
instructions and is respectful toward his or her teachers.

13. What message would you like to impart to your students?
As the proverb says, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.”A person becomes both bored and boring if he or she has no time off from work. The same goes for students. Be strict if you must but still have fun while learning. Have fun if you must but remember to stay disciplined. ^^,

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