Thursday, April 28, 2011

Confidence, Dude.

It so happened that a colleague offered a set of pretty sandals her friend was selling. And so, a close friend and I scanned through the pictures of the said products and made our choices. This close friend of mine suggested some pairs .......... which I mostly declined.

"That color doesn't suit me," I said.

"That style would make my feet look bigger," I added.

Then she frankly yet gently replied, "Why don't you try them? Look at Anne Curtis. She was asked what motivates her to sing even though obviously she couldn't. You know what she answered? Confidence. You should have that too, dude."

Anne Curtis is one of the hosts in Showtime, an early morning (formerly noon-time) variety show airing on ABS-CBN in the Philippines. Aside from the contestants, the judges and hosts get the chance to showcase their own talents as the madlang pipol shout, "sample! sample!"

* Madlang Pipol is a humorous phrase in the Philippines which means the public or people in general. The Taglish-ness of the term is what makes it funny. --


Yek-yek said...

Confidence! Confident! Confidential!
Nice dear ^^

~KATE~ said...

haha! thanks yek!