Thursday, April 28, 2011

Overloaded Finale (Shoot Me!)

Kudos to me for finally publishing this post after more than half a year of staying as draft. Date Published: 15 July 2011 0___o

The last third of the year 2010 and the first two months of 2011 has been such a blessing.

Shoot Me!
(31 to 52 of 52)

- 26th Birthday -
Not so young yet not so old.

- A Sister's Gift -
Hmmm, do you agree with it?

- PM 1 Team Building -
My teammates and I had a blast one karaoke night partying with our four November birthday celebrators. Can you spot Spider Woman?

- Aissa's Christmas Party -
It's a blessing to see children with special needs like her being cheerful and confident.

- Baby Chin Chin's Christening -
We may be often apart but this friend of mine (now a super busy teacher and mother) will always be my twin.

- Just Sing a Song -
Another karaoke time with my "big" friend at her mother's house.

- Under My Umbrella-
It's me under my cute my room.

- Walk of Fame -
Velma Kelly and some other movie stars were in our company's Christmas party.

- I Yum Pizza! -
After hours of looking for a resto and after long minutes waiting for our order, these pizza finally landed on my taste buds. Christmas Eve with friends!

- Jesus' Birthday -
My sisters and I are all still together.

- First Christmas -
This was our first Christmas with her and her first with us.

- First Snap Together -
Meet KC, my sister's dear baby.

- Church's 7th Anniversary -
Despite some twists and turns, the Kids Ministry is still ongoing.

- Baby KC's Christening-
This christening also served as a family reunion since many of my cousins arrived to celebrate with us that day.

- Blue Car -
Meet my super energetic yet adorable godson.

- Colleague/Friend's Birthday -
This shot wasn't scripted. It was totally stolen and I like the way my expression was captured. Hehe.

- Playtime After Work -
What happens when there's a camera around after sitting and teaching for hours is this.

- Makeup Makeover -
Chuseok is a three-day holiday in Korea so I had lots of free time! Well, here's the result of staying awake overnight while having friends to talk and play makeups with.

- Tropical Chicken -
Meet my makeup artists. After staying awake overnight, my friends had our lunch at 4pm.

- Hmmmffff! -
I can't remember the last time I woke up early in the morning to go outside and exercise. I can't help it but laugh whenever I see this picture.

- Sessionistas 2011 -
The first concert I've ever watched in Araneta Center, Philippines.

- A Proud Aunt -
Such happiness is indescribable.

If it's not because of Carin's Shoot Me! challenge, I wouldn't enjoy... and... er... be challenged doing this weekly adventure. Although I obviously wasn't able to technically do and finish the challenge on time, I am still proud of myself for completing the task. Hehe. Blogging is therapeutic but sometimes motivation gets out of hand. Memes such as this help me get back into the swing of things.
Forever In Blue Jeans

I thank you Carin for starting this journey and I encourage you Church Lady to carry this on. Happy Blogging! ^^,

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