Friday, May 28, 2010

From :0( to :0D

Oh, you! Why do you keep coming back? Yeah, yeah, yeah. Because I am a girl, right? But, why do you have to bother me every month?! Arrrrgh! I hate PMS! Hmff!

Marking the calendar is a great help. Now, I get to know that you have come!

Feeling blue this morning and wanting to eat like a horse this afternoon gave me the signal that it is time for a break. Yeah, time to break this PMS mode! Har! Har! Har!

It's time to change :0( to :0D

First, satisfy thy carving appetite. "Sandy, are you hungry?" said I to a colleague. "Yeah," she replied. "Let's hit McDonalds then!" And, so, French fries, cheese burger and Coke float put my carvings to an end. (Burp!) End? Nah. Just lessened.

Second, play! Play at the workplace? Yeah! Why not? Good thing I have a playmate in the office named Nikkitita. (I gave her that name. Hehehehe. She calls me Kiti-Kiti.) What did we play? It is called chubibo! She turned me round and round and round while sitting on the swivel chair for five minutes! (You really never know what might happen when boredom strikes. ^^,)

Third, count. Count thy blessings like:
  1. A gentleman gave me his seat in the jam-packed bus.
  2. I was never late again this cut-off!
  3. A job always awaits me and my pocket always has something to look forward to twice a month.
  4. Coming back from work, there are a home and family always waiting for me.
  5. I can afford myself food and clothing and other things I want and need.
  6. My oldest sister is pregnant! An adorable and lovely baby will add to the family!
  7. And more and more and more and more....

Fourth, say good words. "I am beautiful. I am gorgeous. I am voluptuous. I am one of a kind." Melt those blue feelings away.

Ahh. It may take long before you totally leave me. You may lurk anytime but I'll always be on my guard. ^^,

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