Friday, May 14, 2010

Wanna Have a Free Blog Makeover?

Since I've become a blogger last January this year, I chose and customized templates a lot of times. I realized that not only writing is what's interesting about blogging but as well as customizing templates. Customizing a template enhances my creativity, resourcefulness, critical and analytical thinking skills altogether. Not to mention, it also helps me exercise my patience. LOL.

As you can see on my rightmost sidebar, I have My Blog Kit showing the sites that helped me customize this template I am using now. Thanks to Klodian, Vin, Pocket and Kuya Kevin for their unwavering assistance to amateur and professionals bloggers alike.

And, just this morning, as I was browsing through the blog sites I've been following, I stumbled upon Kayce's post telling about a Blog Makeover Giveaway. (Thanks Kayce!) A blog makeover? What is it about? I found out more about it as I dropped by the blog of the one who started it all - WAHMaholic!

So, what's up for grab?

Up to $100 worth of WordPress or Blogger Makeover including:

  • custom header and footer
  • custom background
  • custom favicon
  • custom navigation bar
  • custom post footer (for Blogger)
  • fancy post title font
  • 125×125 button/badge
  • personalized signature
  • fancy comment section
  • layout style of winner’s choice
  • and anything else that will make the makeover fab

I love my own template. Of course, I liked it even more after spending much time and effort customizing it. But, with a giveaway like this, I think it is worth a try. It's another venue to enjoy and learn more about blogging!!!

Okiedokie! I better start my to-do list now to gain raffle entries and qualify in this giveaway! Why don't you try it too? Come on, let's join! Better hurry because this contest runs until May 31, 2010 only.

For more details, just click WAHMaholic's raffle banner below.

WAHMaholic’s Blog Makeover Giveaway

FYI: The Filipina behind the contest is Ms. Kaye Mendez - a freelance writer and Blogger/WordPress blog designer. I haven't known much about her yet. And, so, here I am just about to follow Ms. WAHMaholic!


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