Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Shoot Me! (11 of 52)

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My Twin Update

Remember my Twin? Here she is now!

May, also our close friend since college, had her daughter's christening on the first Saturday of this month.

Since both of these dear friends of mine are already married, I just get to see them once in a while.

I was so happy to see my Twin again that day because I haven't expected her to be there! She was due this month. Anyway, the doctor advised her to take a walk more often so that it would be easier for her to give birth. Meaning, there was nothing to worry about.

May, Aileen and I -- at last we have seen each other again!

= = = =

1 message received. It was from Aileen!

Frnd, lumabas na c chin2 knn mga 11am. d2 kmi si0s0n gen. hosp nw

Friend, I finally gave birth to Chin Chin at eleven this morning. We're here in Sioson General Hospital now.

Twin sent this message last night but I was able to read it just this morning. My twin is already a mom! It's time to celebrate!!!

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Sunshine4Life said...

Cute photo of your twin. Good luck to a safe delivery for her.

Mine is now also up...

see ya around


Jan n Jer said...

Cute photo of you n your twin...congratulations to her on the birth of her baby.

Carin said...

That is so wonderful! I bet you can't wait to hold that darling baby. What a special time.

The Church Lady said...

That is exciting news about your friend!!

hip chick said...

How exciting. Now you can't wait to see little Chin Chin

RyHeAnNe said...

Hi Thanks for dropping by at my blog, I envy your solid friendship because me and my friends were not in contact anymore. Dunno what happens after graduation, all were busy in their married life.

I am not from Cavite, just my Aunt's family ( my cousin's mother). They're from Tanza... ^_^

Bonnie said...

Cute photo!

Marice said...

wow congratulations to your twin :)

sorry for the late visit!
u may view mine too here

july_blogista said...

cOngrats in advance! nice speak-outs =)

Kate said...

That is so cool that you have a twin! That must be an exciting time in your life!

Kate said...

That is so cool that you have a twin! That must be such an exciting time for both of you! Thanks for stopping by my blog!