Friday, May 21, 2010

I Don't Have the Confidence to Bear a Child

That was what Kyoko said.

When Kyoko found out that she was pregnant, she instantly felt that she didn't have the confidence to bear a child. Her life was such a mess in her adolescent years. She was a rebel and even a gang member. She caused nothing but headaches to her family and in the society. It came to a point when even her own parents rejected her.

She was worthless. But that was until she met Katsuya Honda, a student teacher in the middle school she was attending (or not attending at all).

Their love story is one of the best love stories I have read in manga series. It is altogether funny and touching and even realistic I may say.

Here are the comforting words Katsuya said when Kyoko seemed to lose hope of being a capable mother. I believe that we can apply such words as we interact with a child -- as a parent, teacher, older sister and the like:

Do you know that being pregnant means that there will be another living human being?

The current you will have no problems!

Everyone is a human being who has emotions. Things that you feel happy about and things that you feel sad about...remember all of them in your heart!

Hug the child more. Touch it more. Hear what the child says. If he does bad stuff, then tell the child nicely why those things are bad! If you were too emotional and made the matter worse, then apologize nicely and hug it tightly!

Together both of us will bring up the child using this way!

Fruits Basket Manga Chapter 92, pages 10-12
(emphasis mine)

That's true, isn't it? After all, LOVE is what matters.

Care to read Kyoko and Katsuya's crazy, tragic, magical, beautiful love story? Then, flip through these Manga pages (Chapter 90 page 15 - Chapter 93 page 16). It is really worth the read!

FYI: Fruits Basket does not revolve between Kyoko and Katsuya alone. Rather, the Manga mainly focuses on their daughter, Tohru, and her life with the Sohmas.

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