Friday, July 30, 2010


You used to be a Mama's girl and a spoiled baby.
And I used to wonder what may happen to you if one of us in the family would be gone.
Then it happened. Ma and Pa had left us too soon.
Amazingly, the pampered baby is now growing as a lady.

You used to wail whenever Ma and Pa goes to work.
But now Ate, Kuya and I can leave you alone and be assured that you can take care of our home.

You used to be bullied in school.
Not any more.
Your classmates now understand you more since they also have needs as same as yours.
They even see you as their older sister.
You even told us that you've been chosen as a leader.

You were such a bubbly, delicate, sweet, loving little sister.
Well, you still are.

You still get scolded by us from time to time.
And it always seems that you never take them to heart for so long.
You are always the forgiving and sweet you.

One time, as I was lying in bed feeling depressed and all, I never expected you to be saying these words:
"Ate, okay ka lang? Kung may problema ka, sabihin mo lang sa akin, ha?"
(Sis, are you all right? If you have any problem, just tell me, ok?)
I would never ever forget those words.

You may have more limitations than your peers.
You may act and look half your age.
It's a challenge.
It's a struggle.
But it's also a gift.
You are one of a kind.

We love you!

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