Saturday, July 24, 2010

Lesson From The Laundry

Fruits Basket is one of my favorite mangas. One of the lessons it gave me was the "Laundry Analogy." I finished reading the manga already months ago so I couldn't exactly remember in which chapter I found the analogy.

Thanks to nightmaren for having the same post and for promptly letting me know the chapter and page I was looking for. Here is his version:

Imagine if you were a maid and it was your duty to do the laundry. Now imagine that somehow you were out in the middle of nowhere, with just a laundry tub and clothesline with mountains of clothes to be washed. Mountains of clothes surround you, and there are so many that clothes are even at your feet. You imagine how daunting a task it is and you stand there in amazement if such a job could ever be done. The more you think about it, the more panicked you become, you become more and more overwhelmed by the task at hand…

However, all this time, the laundry is still sitting there. The more you think about all of these things, the more time keeps passing by, with no progress at all. If you were to start at the clothes at your feet, and keep washing, sure enough, you will finish your work. Once the clothes are all hung out to dry, you can look back on what you have just done, and reflect on how much you can accomplish.

And here is where it all came from. Shigure gave Tohru this advice when Tohru seemed overwhelmed of everything that has happened and is happening to her.

Fruits Basket Chapter 46 pages 28-30.
(NOTE: This manga is read from RIGHT to LEFT. )

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