Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Shoot Me! (16 to 20 of 52)

Forever In Blue Jeans

Hello, my dear Shoot Mates! It has been a while! You may not notice it but I had been out of the scene for six weeks! Yeah, six weeks! Argh! (>_<) A lot of things came up. First, the Internet connection at home had gone bonkers for quite some time. Next, I had to finish 27 monthly evaluations, that is, narrative evaluations for each of my Korean students, before this month ends. Thanks God I am already finished doing them all. No reason to cram! Yehey! Lastly, housekeeping is now part of my routine. Hey, it doesn't mean that I haven't been doing any household chore before. It is just that I have to do more stuff. Don't get me wrong. I am not complaining. I feel privileged for being able to work more around the house actually. (^^,) So, there you go. My apologies.

By the way, thanks to Carin for still welcoming not-so-updated Shooters like me no matter what.

6 weeks = 6 Shoot Me posts. But, for now, I would only be sharing five. I'll be needing to post two entries next week to make it up to the six weeks I missed.

And now, without further ado, it's time to Shoot!

June 25: farewell party @ Madison Square (Mandaluyong City) before the teams reshuffle

teachers gael, sandy, aliyah and me

June 27: after dinner @ McDonalds (Victory Mall Caloocan Branch) with my sisters and brother-in-law

Hanna Montana wanna-be? :P

July 9: @ BANCHETTO "Weekend Overnight Street Food Fiesta" in Ortigas with my colleagues

teacher selle and i

July 16: me and two of my friends/colleagues during our own comical and out-of-nowhere photo shoots @ the office building after work

me, teacher candy and, yup, teacher selle ^^,

July 17: @ Crystaland Resort (Malabon City) during an overnight swimming. NSO employees including my eldest sister and brother-in-law deserved a break after more than a month of census services. My youngest sister and I weren't actually part of the team. It was all because of their kind boss who told us to also go swimming with them that we got to join fun.

the morena me


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Jennifer said...

Wow... thats alot of catching up, lol. I love the last pic. very simple and pretty.

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

Lots of fun photos. Love the last shot. Beautiful.

Jan n Jer said...

WElcome back...great photos...I also love the last look so young

cHe said...

funny and beautiful pix...:)

Sunshine4Life said...

wow lots of pics! i love the first photo best although the wacky shots are eye catching!

happy weekend!


Kayce said...

i also love your fun shots sis! it was nicely edited too

Marice said...

6 weeks?? tagal rin pala no sis :) welcome back! i also love the last one :)

u may view mine too here

~KATE~ said...

thanks everyone! it is so nice to be back! by the way, the fourth picture was edited by my friend, teacher candy. ^^,