Friday, April 16, 2010

Music Uplate Live!

. one of my favorite TV programs nowadays. I got to know of another way to relax as soon as I arrive home from work by watching this program. ^_________^

a variety show on local television with musical guest/s each episode

Time slot:
late night
(about 1am-2am - Mondays thru Thursdays; about 2am-3am - Fridays)


Yeng Constantino
Tutti Caringal

Famous Tag line:
"Magandang madaling araw, mga kapuyaters!!!"*

What I like about Music Uplate Live!:
  • Yeng's humility
  • Tutti's kakulitan**
  • the hosts' energy at that time of the day
  • the hosts' passion for music
  • on-the-spot performances
  • I get more familiar with music (various genre, different artists, the latest in the music scene)
  • gives break to amateur artists
  • games (even though I haven't joined one yet)
  • legendary guests

I have seen their pilot episode but didn't pay too much attention to it. Now, I am already one of their thousand viewers (and one of their thousand fans in Facebook too). It still depends on their guest/s whether I'll watch the entire episode or not.

My Favorite Episodes so far:
Noel Cabangon (ep. 11)
Aiza Seguerra (ep.17)
Richard Poon (ep. 22)

Happy Monthsary, mga kapuyaters!
Congratulations, Music Uplate Live!

Notes for any dear reader of mine who happened to be a non-Tagalog speaker ^-^ :

* madaling araw (muh-duh-LING) (UH-rao) means dawn while kapuyaters (kuh-poo-YUH-ters) came from the root word puyat (poo-YUHT) which is an adjective meaning tired or exhausted for want to sleep

** kakulitan (kuh-koo-lih-TUHN) means mischief but I refer to Tutti's playful attitude in a naughty or teasing way

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