Friday, April 30, 2010

When Walking Is Better Than Running

I made it!
I got no lates this cut-off.
I arrived early in the office for eleven days.
I didn't sweat hurrying to reach the office building.
I didn't feel grumpy to people I was with in the elevator when they dropped off the second or third floor.
That. was. because. I. was. early. Hehehehe.
No need to run.
No need to cram myself in the elevator.
I can walk calmly.
I can wait for the next available elevator to let me in.
I can walk like the man on the moon.

"Let's see tomorrow or next week. You'll be late!", said my encouraging colleagues jokingly.
Haha! I couldn't blame them.
I was known to be the late comer or, as Bettina says it, the buzzer beater! Whew!

But, not anymore!
I made it!
And, I will do it again!


DESS said...

Good motivation...
Keep it up..
Have a nice day!!

Katherine said...

Nice :) Keep up your brilliant work.

K xx (from