Friday, September 10, 2010

Bawal Bawal Ka Dyan a.k.a. Why Not?

I love Nescafe commercials! And here is another one to like.

My little sister and I have ourselves tons of laughter because of it. Nope. The commercial isn't a comedy. It's only that Aissa finds me goofy as I mimic the girl in the ad. Haha!

Bawal bawal ka dyan. So what kung gabi? Magkakape ako kung gusto ko, 'no. Decaffeinated naman kaya pwede pa rin akong makatulog. Sarap kaya. Try mo!

Throughout their way home and till bedtime, the older sister mentions a lot of "dont's" to her younger sister which most Filipinos are superstitious about. The younger sibling just nods or listens to things being told her but then opposes when refrained from drinking coffee before bedtime.

I tried to have its English translation >_< :
Why not? So what if I'm having coffee at night? I'll drink coffee if I want to. Don't worry. It's decaffeinated. Why don't you try it?

Sounds like I don't give it justice...hehehe....just watch the ad. It's cute!

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