Thursday, September 30, 2010

Shoot Me! (30 of 52)

Who said it's hot in the Philippines?

I have two feet, the left and the right.
Let me show you a glimpse of my day as I go to work just after lunchtime.

Here is where I stop and wait for a jeepney. Across the road is the alley leading to our humble house.

After riding the country's undisputed public vehicle, the next stop is the "kinda" bus station. Believe me. Not all air-conditioned buses keep you from inconvenience.

Next, MRT train ride. Better sit where it's shady.

Riding an FX is actually more convenient than MRT train since I can avoid the tedious walks by doing so. I choose the train because it is a lot faster and cheaper. Consequently, I have to go on foot here.

And here.

And here.

Good thing trees are ever created to give shade to humankind. Oh, God, I thank Thee for Thy shade!

The sky is clear. I just hope the sunshine is not that always hot. Whew! Finally, I am almost there. Time to work after a weary walk. See ya!

Who said it's hot in the Philippines?

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