Monday, March 8, 2010

Demotivation At Work

Percentages may vary depending on your mood.
This is funny! ^^

Kidding aside, why do employees tend to work lazily at times? It can be because of 1) insufficient salaries or benefits from the company, 2) the employer's unfair or rude treatment towards the employees, 3) gossip at the workplace, 4) lack of professional growth, 5) over workload 6) very light workload, 7) personal problems. These are the few reasons that I could think of. In short, it is because of demotivation.

Demotivation should be addressed - both by the employer and employee. There should be mutualism and not commensalism nor parasitism.

Whew! It is hard to drag your feet towards the workplace when you don't even
have an ounce of drive to labor.

Personally speaking, here are the reasons why I sometimes become a mediocre at work (ssshh..this is a confession! ^^,):

I find more fun things to do online, e.g., reading manga, blogging, Facebook, etc.
I find more fun things to do off-line, e.g., reading Barbara Delinsky novels.
I feel unappreciated.
I woke up at the wrong side of the bed.

How about you? What are your reasons?

1 comment:

wingcharm said...

My reason? Maybe because I'm bored
doing the same old routine, or I'm just
plain lazy. :P