Tuesday, March 23, 2010

To Invest Time or Money?

In the Philippines, school starts in June and ends in March. Meaning, April and May are vacation months.

Just yesterday, a coworker asked me if I would be interested to apply in a part-time job. The place is located just near our work place, so the fare won't add to my expenses at all. My full time job begins at 2:15 pm and that part-time job will be from 9am-12nn. I will be teaching English to a Korean who is studying in the country. The rate is actually reasonable.

If I accept the offer, I can save much money. But, that also means sacrificing sleep and letting go of some of my time for internet surfing. Oh, I wonder how tiring it would be! But, the sacrifices are worth it. Right?


On the other hand, if I am willing to sacrifice sleep to teach someone, why don't I just
sacrifice sleep to teach my own little sister? If I am willing to meet the need of other people, why don't I just meet my own sister's special needs? If I am looking forward to have wise investment while I am young, why don't I just invest my time as much as possible for my sister whom I dearly love?

I am so willing to again experience man-to-man English instruction with Koreans. But, for now, investing time with Aissa is far better.

We'll focus on English. I bought her a book entitled Say Good Night to Illiteracy. So far, Aissa can already read the first story of the bedtime storybook series with minimal errors.

Math should be given focus as well. We'll concentrate on basic mathematical operations. It would be great if Aissa can add and subtract numbers with ease. ^^


Marice said...

great choice sis! :) and thanks for the warm visit! :)

~KATE~ said...

thanks for the warm visit, too, marice! ^^