Monday, March 15, 2010

Meet My Handy Dandy Notebook! :)

Yup! That's me and Steve Burns with our dear handy dandy notebooks. ^^ But, unlike Steve, I am not finding and recording Blue's clues. I also do not have a thinking chair wherein I can deduce what it is that Blue wanted.

What are in my handy dandy notebook? More than three things are in it. As you flip through the pages, you can find:
  • Bible reading checklist
  • to-do list (whether chores to be done or fun things to try)
  • prayer list
  • contacts
  • things to buy
  • movies or shows to watch
  • books to read
  • song lyrics (hymns and a Korean song)
  • verses to memorize
  • list of my Korean students
  • a love letter ^^
  • doodles
Why take down notes? Maybe, I am just simply meticulous or perfectionistic. I am into details. It gives me peace of mind when I am able to write things down. It allows me to maintain focus and feel worthwhile. I bring my handy dandy notebook with me whenever possible because an idea might suddenly pop out in my mind and I fear I might forget it easily unless I set it down in writing. Although others can set their plans of action in mind, I simply just cannot do that all the time. I have to have a pen and a handy dandy notebook to have all my thoughts in hand!

By the way, I forgot something. Also, in my handy dandy notebook is....
  • a list of blogs to write!
How about you? Do you also have a handy dandy notebook of your own? What are in it? (~_^)

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Tame said...

Gosh! It's Steve!..Oh! I really miss him..
I used to watch it before with my niece and nephew. ♬♫ ♫ Blue's clues, it's Blue's clues..♬♫ ♫ hahahah.. love it!..