Monday, March 15, 2010

There Are So Much To Discover!

It felt like I opened a door to a new world - a whole new world (imagine Princess Jasmine singing ^^). As soon as the door opened before me, I saw more of reality that I have never thought existed.

I started blogging on Blogger just last January this year for the purpose of diverting daydreaming or contemplating to something far more productive. I was advised to find and focus on one niche to have good blogging content. I agreed with that but I just couldn't find that niche suited for me and to start with. I just wanted to put on writing the things running on my mind - memories, plans, frustrations, achievements, reflections, etc. Writing is one of the ways which I can express myself. Thanks God I was able to have this humble site as my own even though I still simply don't know where to focus on. ^^

Before I become an official blogger, I have already been following few bloggers namely Kuya Kevin, Ate Thess, and Issa. And, now, I have been following a lot more. Each of them has his or her own story to tell - inspiring, challenging, and even funny stories.

I want to tell, share and have a story of my own, too. I welcome myself to this new world I found!


Marice said...

hi sis.. here's the address of purple oven:

Purple Oven, Pasig
63 St. Peter St., Oranbo
Pasig City, Metro Manila
(02) 631-4221

~KATE~ said...

Thanxie! Muah! Hope to taste one of its cakes soon! ^^

emarene said...

Welcome! Blogging is therapeutic. Been blogging for more than a year now and still have not found my niche :(
But I continue to do blog...