Monday, March 1, 2010

I glasses?

The company required the employees to undergo a general check-up. It was really beneficial; although, it was a hassle at the same too. Even if the medical group had set their paraphernalia in our training room, we still had to rush to the ground floor for our x-ray. (Take note: We are on the 10th floor and the PM teachers had to rush because we were already having classes and the check-up wasn't yet all finished.)

Stool and urine? Checked.
Blood sample? Checked.
Blood pressure? Checked.
Height and weight measurements? Checked.
Physical examination? Checked.
X-ray? Checked.
Eye vision. Checked. But........

Oh my! I no longer have 20/20 vision! I can still read those small letter in line 8 but my vision got clearer with glasses she made me wear. Well, it was just like 20/25 vision. Not bad. She just said that it would make my eyes more relaxed when I avail myself a pair of reading glasses.

Hmmm. Now, I am thinking. Me? I will be wearing glasses? To be or not to be?!
I still don't know. ^^

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