Monday, August 2, 2010

Because of Allergic Rhinitis

I have heard it from Pastor Dan several times but it finally hit me just recently.

Even if you are already sick, you would still go to work.

Even if it is raining cats and dogs, you would still get up and head to work.

But, once you felt a mild headache, you would decide not to go to church any more.

Once you see the dark clouds forming, you would easily assume that it would soon rain heavily so you wouldn't go to the Sunday service at all.

How true!!!

I managed to bear my allergy a lot of times while at work. I was able to have classes over the phone while sneezing at the same time (mic on mute mode) more than once. But when the same allergic rhinitis hit me yesterday, I intentionally skipped Sunday School to give myself more time to sleep! I prayed, "Oh Lord, let me have more time to sleep. I am groggy from the medicine and all. Just only this time."

Well, I got His reply before the day ended.


RON:) said...

Oh my, it also hits me...oh, sorry Lord.

Alicia said...

THIS IS SO TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!