Friday, August 27, 2010

My Bell Lyre and Me Reunited!

A little tired and sleepy, I reached for my little red notebook and the hymnal. And then, I began jotting down the F A C E and Every Good Boy Does Fine notes of a favorite hymn. (At last, I was already doing what I have decided to do countless days ago.) A few minutes later, I was already playing the hymn "In My Heart There Rings a Melody" on my bell lyre. Some notes were off-key and I got a little irritated by it. Soon enough I finally got to enjoy the music even with little off-key notes on the side.

I still remember the time when Pa and I bought my bell lyre almost two decades ago. I used to play it when I was in elementary, especially in the third grade. Good thing, it was still with me till now and got to play it again after so many years.

I actually planned to refresh my bell lyre skills long time ago. Procrastination and mood swings didn't keep out of my way, that's why. Anyway, now I am happy that I finally did it! I just hope that I could do it more often and play various hymns on my bell lyre by heart.

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