Monday, August 16, 2010

My Favorite Park Bench


I am really captivated by Mamoru Suzuki's simple yet colorful and lively illustrations of different people from all walks of life spending their leisure time at a park. Fumiko Takeshita's charming story makes the story click not only to young readers but to grown-ups as well.

Every time I go to our local library, I find myself always looking for this book and borrowing it. I just cannot feel tired from reading such classic children's story telling about a typical day in a park from dawn till dusk mingled with sorts of characrers -- from toddlers to the aged, the housewives and the office workers, the bunch of friends and the loners, the passers by and the gardener.

In much simpler words: gorgeous and charming. It is something I read always with a sigh.

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