Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I Got a Whole New Bookshelf!!!

Well, not in the house nor in my room actually. It's on my blog! Yeah! Better check it on the bottom right-most part of my page. Isn't it cool? I find it sooo cute! I first saw it in Sumthinblue's blog site. Upon clicking the link, I found myself in Shelfari -- an expedition of vuh-ree-uhs books you can think of -- no wonder it is called like that!

What attracted me most , aside from the look of a bookshelf on my blog, are the sections such as:
  • books I plan to read
  • books I'm reading now
  • books I've read
It just makes me organized and feel excited. In other words, it helps me get back into the swing of things.

Update: My bookshelf was used to be on the bottom right-most part of my page. That was before I got a three-column footer in my blog.


wingcharm said...

This is so coool! I love you! Let me kiss you mwah mwah!

~KATE~ said...

my pleasure, meow meow! ^^,