Thursday, August 19, 2010

It's Me. Lexi. Remember Me?


I don't know what gets into me whenever I wonder what it feels like to have amnesia. I don't know. I have been thinking about it since I was a kid. Thanks God I haven't bumped my head that hard yet for memories fly from me.

Then, I met Lexi. She somehow satisfied my curiosity. Imagining I was in her shoes, I can say that having amnesia was befuddling, bemusing and fascinating all at the same time. Well, fascinating because imagining you just woke up one day and your life is perfect. (Just what the cover of the book says.)

Of course, I would rather choose to regain my lost memories as I piece my life back together again. I wonder if Lexi regained hers eventually. Maybe yes. Maybe not.

I am really starting to like Sophie Kinsella. Remember Me? is another amusing light-reading book I got to read and enjoy. Why don't you flip its pages too? (^^,)


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